Community Interest

Can the community continue to benefit from the resources that the WRVS

Yes- but only if the Vennture partnership are the successful bidder….

Of all the potential bids we’ve been made aware of, we feel that the Vennture partnership is the only one that is offering real benefit to the community and the local school in their plans for the building.

I support the Vennture partnership bid for the WRVS Building!
Children playing in the St James Primary School playground which is directly adjacent to the WRVS Building

Who are Vennture and what are they proposing?

Vennture are a charity providing relational support to people in crisis in their home or on the street. Each year their teams support over 250 struggling families and individuals. They have:

  • A robust and detailed business development plan that will ensure that their aims are successfully and sustainably implemented
  • An agreement in principle and a positive working relationship with St. James’ school
  • Support from Council Directors and Senior Council Officers for work with vulnerable families

The Vennture partnership proposal in brief

Vennture’s plans include:

  • Space available for community use
  • School space for St James
  • Office space for Vennture’s link workers and volunteers
  • Conversion of space to meet the needs of local vulnerable families

Why should we support the Vennture partnership bid?

Because it is the only proposal that:

  • Has true community values at its core
  • Has demonstrated a workable and transparent plan that takes into account the needs of local people and organisations
  • Will not increase traffic on already congested St James streets (all alternative proposals would significantly increase traffic, putting pedestrians at risk, including and especially children walking to school)
  • Is partnering with St James’ school to help them access the space they so desperately need