Benefits For The School

How can the WRVS building benefit St James’ school?

We feel the Vennture partnership bid is the only one which prioritises the needs of St. James’ C of E Primary School. Over 200 children aged 4-11 attend the school, which serves the whole community including many vulnerable families. Whether you have children at the primary school or not, you are no doubt aware of the central role the school plays in our community. Every child deserves a good start in life, which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that we support the school’s access to WRVS.

St James Primary School
St James Church, St James Primary School & WRVS Building in the foreground

I support the Vennture partnership bid for the WRVS Building!

Safer streets

Most children walk to school from the local area. It’s really important that they are not put at risk through increased traffic on our streets.

More space

The school is still housed in its original Victorian building. Although this looks lovely and adds to the ‘village’ feel, in practice the cramped conditions pose multiple challenges for staff and pupils. The school is desperate for more space, both inside and outside, and will be able to expand into the WRVS only under the Vennture partnership proposal.

WRVS Building adjoining St James Primary School

Early Years Education

The use of the WRVS building offers a wonderful opportunity for St. James’ School to expand its early years provision. The idea of the new early years setting is to implement ‘the curiosity approach,’ a play based approach focusing on using the natural environment for children to learn. The approach aligns with increasing awareness of the physical environment where a child naturally grows in imagination, the use of story, exploring the mind and to critically think for themselves. It will offer an affordable, accessible early years environment that every child will thrive on.