Space for St James

Why Space for St James?

The Royal Voluntary Service are in the process of selling the much-loved WRVS building on Vicarage Road. We hope that you will join us in our shared conviction that the building should remain in use for the public good of the whole community.

I support the Vennture partnership bid for the WRVS Building!
St James Vicarage (WRVS Building)
St James Church
St James Primary School adjoining the Vicarage (WRVS Building)

What can we do?

All we can do is present a strong community case for RVS to consider as they make their decision about which bidder to sell the building to. The more people who support this, the stronger the case will be. Please add your name now and share as widely as you can. We don’t have much time- bids close on 11th April.

Who are we?

This website and campaign are not school based initiatives.

The people behind this campaign are a group of local individuals (parents and grandparents, local residents and business owners) with a shared concern for community justice and welfare. None of them have an affiliation with any of the parties concerned in the sale of WRVS and none of them stand to gain, financially or otherwise, from supporting a particular bid.

What is the WRVS?

The WRVS is part of the trio of Victorian buildings, along with the church and the school, that stand at the heart of the St. James community. It was built by public subscription, with the funds raised including many small donations by local people. In 2004 over £800,000 of public funding was spent on renovating and improving the building, on the understanding that it would remain in the public domain. We feel strongly that it is only fair that the public should continue to benefit from this community resource.

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