Who We Are

This website and campaign are not school based initiatives.

The people behind this campaign are a group of local individuals (parents and grandparents, local residents and business owners) with a shared concern for community justice and welfare. None of them have an affiliation with any of the parties concerned in the sale of WRVS and none of them stand to gain, financially or otherwise, from supporting a particular bid.

Space For St James Campaign

  • Charlie Arthur
  • Chloe Bradman
  • Mo Burns
  • Heather Clyne
  • Emily Fosbery
  • Jay Fosbery
  • Col Hamilton
  • Jobie Hoar
  • Owen Jones
  • Bill Laws
  • Julian Pilkington
  • Pete Redding
  • Sarah Westoby
  • Elle While
  • Jenny-May While

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I support the Vennture partnership bid for the WRVS Building!